Got a question about volunteering?


    What volunteer positions are open right now? This changes frequently based on our needs. If you apply for a position that isn’t currently available, we may keep your application on file and alert you of future openings.

    When will you respond to my volunteer application? To match a person’s skills and interests with the clinic positions, potential volunteers must go through a screening process. Please allow up to two weeks for processing after submitting your application. At that point, you will receive a phone call to either arrange an interview with the volunteer coordinator or to be placed on the wait list if your desired position isn’t immediately available.

    Is everyone accepted as a volunteer? Each volunteer applicant is evaluated on an individual basis. Sometimes there is not an appropriate job opening available and sometimes our policies and regulations are not agreeable to the applicant. Also, during the interview process, the volunteer coordinator must make a determination regarding the applicant’s skills and the available placements. As a result, there are times when a match simply is not possible.

    Is a criminal background check required to volunteer? Out of concern for the well-being and safety of our patients, staff, volunteers and visitors, The Clinic performs criminal background checks (which may include child abuse check) on all volunteers.

    I am a middle or high school student – can I volunteer? We require volunteers to be at least 18 years old to volunteer at The Clinic.

    How often are volunteers required to come in? We ask that you volunteer at least twice a month, and that you commit to a minimum of six-months of volunteering.

    I cannot commit to regular volunteer work right now. Is there any way I can still volunteer? Our only exception to our requirement listed above is during the summer. You can volunteer for 3 months, but must dedicate a 3-4 hour time block per week.

    What commitment is required of volunteers? It takes staff time and effort to conduct orientation sessions and train new volunteers, so we look for people committed to volunteering for at least six months. A typical shift lasts 3-4 hours, depending on your position. Please be sure to look over the requirements to volunteer before applying.

    Is there a dress code for volunteers? The dress code is casual professional. Lab coats or scrubs are acceptable for medical volunteer positions and others are welcome to dress comfortably (no jeans or low cut/revealing clothing). We request that volunteers refrain from using any perfumes or scents as some patients have sensitivities to them. For safety reasons we recommend that all volunteers wear closed-toe shoes.

    Will I be able to shadow a doctor? Our insurance coverage for The Clinic prevents us from allowing non-medical volunteers to shadow clinicians or have any “hands on” experience with patients.

    Can I volunteer on evenings or weekends? The Clinic is open Monday-Friday with volunteer opportunities each weekday. Check our services schedule for more information.

    Does The Clinic accommodate large groups of volunteers? Occasionally we will have special projects for which we need a larger group of volunteers. This should be arranged with the appropriate clinic representative.

    I have been instructed to complete court appointed community service, can I fulfill my hours with as a volunteer at The Clinic? No, we are sorry we do not fulfill court appointed community service hours at The Clinic.