Volunteer Spotlight

Featuring some of our wonderful volunteers


Dr. Ryan Bowers
Licensed Professional Counselor

Dr. Ryan Bowers, Counselor

Ryan joined The Clinic team of volunteers as a Licensed Professional Counselor in April of 2016. He volunteers a full day every Friday. Ryan does a superb job and is adept to catering to the specific needs of each client. Sometimes he needs to put on his Clinical Mental Health Counselor hat for a client, when other times he might put on his Substance Use Disorder Counseling hat. He also acts as a resource trying to find information on a myriad of topics for the clients and doctors of The Clinic.

Ryan first heard about The Clinic through VolunteerMatch. After some research on The Clinic, Ryan became inspired to assist The Clinic in carrying out its mission to provide quality healthcare to those who are uninsured or underinsured and unable to afford healthcare services elsewhere. It is because of this inspiration in addition to the unique camaraderie among The Clinic staff and volunteers that he continues to volunteer. In Ryan’s own words:

I continue to volunteer here because of the clients, because of the volunteers and workers, and because of the warm and inviting atmosphere that is created with the combination of these people. This past year has been one of the most enriching times of my life, both professionally and personally as I was afforded the opportunity to meet some of the greatest people I have ever known. I often find myself telling people how fortunate I am to be able to provide services for The Clinic. And sometimes, these people ask how much I get paid. My reply is always, way more than I deserve, as pay does not have to come in a monetary form.”

In addition to being a volunteer, Ryan is an Assistant Professor at Immaculata University and a Clinical Mental Health Counselor at Emotional Wellness LLC, located in Reading. When he is not working or volunteering, or driving to Pittsburgh, to complete his Ph.D. program at Duquesne University, he enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife Beth and their two cats, Annie Oakley and Bruce Wayne. If after all of that, he has any extra time, you can find him on various golf courses around the Berks County area.

Ryan is a strong advocate for volunteerism. When asked what advice he would like to give to others to encourage volunteering, he stated:

Volunteer for your community. Volunteer for yourself. Volunteer for work. But for whatever reason you need, please volunteer. This altruistic action will have a profound effect on you and others in a way that enriches lives and promotes social well-being. You do not need to have a special degree, or a large amount of free time to volunteer. Just try it out, and you will see your talents used in ways you may never thought possible.”

We are very lucky to have Ryan as part of The Clinic family. We would also like to send our congratulations his way. Ryan has officially completed his Doctor of Philosophy, Counselor Education and Supervision (CACREP Accredited) program. We can now call him Dr. Bowers!


Nancy Vibbert
Laboratory Technician

Nancy Vibbert, Laboratory

Nancy has been volunteering at The Clinic for about five years. A retired Medical Technologist, she initially came to us when a former volunteer coordinator suggested she spend some time volunteering. She visited The Clinic, was impressed with the mission and became one of our lab technicians, drawing blood and processing blood tests in the lab.

Nancy works 12 hours per week and the thing she enjoys most about working at The Clinic is the interaction with other staff and volunteers. She appreciates the high caliber skills she sees in her colleagues and knows that everyone is here because they want to be. She has been able to learn a lot while working at The Clinic. Nancy lives locally, in an active adult community, and enjoys playing bridge, tennis, outdoor activities, walking, bike riding and spending time with her 5 grandchildren.

Nancy’s advice to people entering retirement is to spend some time giving back to the community and volunteering. She says since people are used to working, its only natural to want to spend some time doing this. “For the sake of your own well-being, do something to help others. I really think we receive more than we give. It’s the most wonderful, rewarding experience.”


Dave Winning Masked

Dave Winning
Administrative Support

Dave Winning, Administrative Support

Dave Winning has been a full-time volunteer at The Clinic since 2009, providing daily administrative support for the clinical programs and, increasingly, data support for administration. His days are busy, filled with everything from creating patient charts to helping to implement technology upgrades like digital patient registration. He first heard about The Clinic from a newspaper article published about the time of its founding. The article made mention of the need for volunteers and that stuck with him. In his life before volunteering, Dave graduated from Penn State with a degree in Computer Science. He went to work for Shared Medical Systems right after college and stayed after their acquisition by Siemens in 2001. He worked as a software developer for the clinical and financial software company in addition to providing management, marketing and information technology expertise for 34 years before his retirement.

For Dave, volunteering at The Clinic is part of his faith walk—an opportunity to serve others in need. Dave’s faith moves him to serve in other community activities as well. He is an active member of Centennial Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kimberton and Little League for Pennsylvania’s District 27.

Dave encourages volunteering and hopes that people’s motivation is to come and serve others. He feels that while added benefits of volunteering include being able to be part of another social group, meeting new people and attending other clinic activities, he’d still show up without those things. It’s part of his nature.

When he’s not volunteering his services, Dave likes to cook, garden, fish, and do “all things Penn State.” He enjoys traveling and studying languages. He has studied Italian and German and is working on Spanish. His favorite places so far are Assisi, Italy and Prague, Czechoslovakia. Next stop: Russia.