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The 143 Fund


It’s a number with a lot of significance to The Clinic.  Our home for the last 17 years has been 143 Church Street in Phoenixville, in our beloved building that feels more like a family home than a medical clinic.

Beyond that, the 143 Fund is the name that we’ve chosen for our new patient care fund because on average, we spend $143 for each patient visit, with over 8,000 patient visits each year.  
This fund saves lives every single day.

“It takes one letter to say I and four letters to say love and three letters to say you.  One hundred and forty-three.” Fred Rogers’ favorite number was 143, because to him, it stood for love. The spirit of Fred Rogers can be felt every day at The Clinic – opening our doors, caring for our neighbors, cultivating kindness…spreading the love.

Please join us.

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