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Clinic FAQ

What is The Clinic?

The Clinic is a licensed and insured free medical clinic.  We do not bill our patients or require a fee, but patients can make a voluntary contribution toward their care, if they are able.

Does The Clinic only provide care for adults?

The Clinic serves adults, children and infants who are uninsured.  The Clinic does not care for pregnant women. 

Who provides medical care?

Primary medical care is provided by The Clinic's Medical Director and Associate Medical Director, along with other volunteer physicians.  Specialty care is provided by volunteers who are licensed physicians or medical practitioners.  Please note that specialty care providers have limited hours, and appointments are required.

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Do I need an appointment?

Yes, appointments are required.

How do I make an appointment?

Please call 610-935-1134, extension 21 or extension 27.

Are there other services at The Clinic?

Yes, The Clinic has a full-time phlebotomist for lab work.  All lab tests done at The Clinic or required for your care are free.

The Clinic also provides free prescriptions to eligible patients. You must be an active patient at The Clinic to receive medications.


What documents should I bring to the first appointment?

We require photo identification and proof of current address.

Do I need to live in Phoenixville?

No, The Clinic provides care to uninsured patients in Phoenixville and the surrounding areas.  

What if I have to cancel an appointment?

We understand if you need to cancel an appointment.  If you can no longer make your appointment, please contact the appointment desk to reschedule so that the time may be given to another patient.  If you don’t show up for an appointment more than twice, you will no longer be considered a patient.

Do you provide Spanish interpretation services?

The Clinic has a full-time interpreter on staff.  However, if you are unable to converse in English and do not bring an interpreter with you, we cannot guarantee that you will be seen.

The Clinic has a dedicated Spanish line. To make an appointment or to leave a message, please call 610-935-1134 ext. 60.  

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