Help Make the Match!

Thanks to the generosity of four incredible supporters, The Clinic has the opportunity for a match up to $50k for all donations made before June 30th!

Don't miss your chance to make this meaningful impact on the lives of patients like Patricia, James, Julia, and Christian. Their testimonies are included below.

After finding myself without health insurance due to a divorce and not being able to find a full-time position with benefits, I was anxious about my heart condition. Then, I got COVID and an old injury resurfaced. I was searching for a facility that offered free care because I can't afford anything- and then I stumbled upon The Clinic! I have been so relieved and happy with my experience. You are awesome!" -Patricia, 59.
"The staff and doctors are so helpful and understanding with their patients!"- James, 21.
"The Clinic is great! We were able to get our sons aged 11 and 13 up-to-date on vaccines, and the process was so easy and comforting."- Julia, 39.
"The Clinic staff pays attention to my medical issues and has always offered me help. They are all indispensable. I am grateful for all they do." - Christian, 48.

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