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The Clinic looks to the future with renewed commitment to its mission.

PHOENIXVILLE, PA (JUNE 20, 2018) – In this time of great national uncertainty in healthcare and beyond, The Clinic pledges a continued commitment to honor our mission, to provide quality healthcare to the uninsured and underserved. This commitment involves a reinvestment in our core values; to treat all patients with dignity and respect, to value their privacy and to turn no one away. We respect our patients, but also appreciate who they are as individuals – they are hardworking, many engaged in two and three jobs with no benefits; they have wonderful, loving families; they are appreciative, many subsequently returning to The Clinic family as volunteers; and, above all, they deserve a helping hand without fear of judgment or financial burden.

With this in mind, we are pleased to introduce Lew Osterhoudt as our acting executive director. A longtime former Board member and volunteer for The Clinic, Lew retired after over 40 years managing various businesses – small and large, private and public – in positions ranging from Plant Manager to Vice President, General Manager to President. Lew’s special skills involved coming into troubled companies or corporate divisions that were losing money and turning them around through improvements to products, processes and people.

Lew feels confident in his ability to prepare The Clinic for the future and its next Executive Director. Our medical staff remains unchanged, and will continue providing the quality care our patients have come to expect. We look forward to this next chapter in The Clinic’s history and value your support of the vulnerable in our community.

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