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The Clinic Wish List

Some needed items include:

- Gift cards to: Giant, Acme, Redners, Staples, Target or Walmart

- Postage stamps

- Copy paper

- Children's Advil or Motrin

-Children's and Infant's Tylenol

- Pedialyte powder

- Artificial tears

- Imodium

- Benadryl

- Debrox ear drops

- Spacers for inhalers

- Bandaids (adult and child)

- Hand sanitizer (32 oz. preferred)

- Liquid hand soap

- Single-ply toilet paper

- White paper towel rolls (pick-a-size preferred)

- Tissues

- Lysol/Clorox disinfectant wipes in canister

- White out EZ tape (on roller)

- Post-it notes

- Coloring books and crayons

- Childrens' reward stickers

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